e-Learning and Training Localization Services

With so many channels available through which to communicate it really is of greater importance than ever before to make sure that your content is created to the maximum specifications and fit for purpose. In today’s international market, it’s essential that you can easily pitch your product or service effectively within any given culture or language. As soon as users have your product in their hands, it is equally as crucial that they understand how to put it to use the right way.

And while technology might be transforming the way in which we interact and work with each other, cultural sensitivity has never been so critical – what might go down well in the UK may create unexpected sensitivities in China.

We offer our clients a combination of linguistic excellence, industry insight and exceptional customer communication.

These are skills that we have developed through years of experience.

We work with you to understand both the message you want to deliver and the tone in which you want to deliver it and by understanding the cultural needs of region-specific marketing campaigns.

We also incorporate secondary proofreading and editing into our process as well as terminology and project management to ensure that your translated materials are as accurate and consistent as the original.

That’s why we believe that a well-designed, accurate and localised website is critical to the success of any global business. We not only deliver excellent translation results for our customers, but work with modern optimisation tools and flexible content management systems.

During initial consultations, we ensure localised keywords, metadata tags and language structure are pre-defined and researched before any translation is produced.

We also offer high-quality localisation infrastructure – ranging from cultural assessment to output methodology – and have an outstanding track record in dialogues, strings, error messages, menus, help and online documentation.

Our in-house Translation Memory (TM) technology ensures consistency in terminology and gives you the means to retrieve repeated sections of standard text and terminology. This saves you time and money without compromising on standards. And we constantly test and invest in our localisation tools to guarantee you the very best service.

All of this relies on qualified teams of skilled professionals working together and we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients’ project teams to deliver successful localisation projects.

For the past 40 years, we have worked with some of the biggest household brands to create expertly translated materials for products, packaging and supporting documentation, such as user manuals.

We use tried and tested methodologies to ensure that the process of translating and localising your materials is a smooth one.

We can offer advice and support at each stage of a medical product’s development, or a new drug’s lifecycle – from manufacturing, through to labelling and instructions for use. We ensure all the relevant documentation complies with national and international standards, such as those required by European Medicines Agency or the US Food and Drug Administration.

Over the years, we have provided translation services in support of everything from global clinical trials to translation of consent forms, labels, package inserts and instructions for use.