YouTube Tips Weekly

(classical music) – Hmm. Yes, yes, the use of shape and color truly harking to the inner struggle of the human spirit. Yes. Yes, this is definitely Banksy-esque. (suspenseful music) (swoop) (swoop) – Your channel artwork is the banner image that is displayed at the top of your YouTube channel page. It’s kind of like a billboard for your channel. (swoop) (suspenseful music) And most likely the first thing viewers will see, so it’s definitely important to make a strong first impression.

(swoop) To upload your channel artwork, first go to your YouTube channel page. Click on the camera icon in the top right corner of the channel artwork area. There, you can see YouTube recommends a size of 2560 by 1440 and limits the file size to six megabytes. Before you upload your channel art, I recommend that you make sure it conforms to these specs. From there, you can upload your file. (swoop) So now that you know what channel art is and how to upload it, let’s talk about some best practices that can help your channel art be less abstract and more expressionism.

Number one (swoop). Your channel art is a great place to put your channel name or logo. (swoop) It helps the viewer know who exactly you are as a channel. (swoop) And number two (swoop). If you’re a vlogger or the main personality on camera for your channel (swoop), include a high quality photo of yourself in your thumbnail so viewers know you’re the face of the channel. This also adds a human element that is always easier for viewers to connect with. (swoop) Number three (swoop). Your channel art work is the best place to continue your branding (swoop).

If you’ve already chosen a color palette and fonts for your channel, great. Go ahead and use them here as well. If you haven’t chosen a color palette and fonts, I highly recommend you do so, so your channel can have a consistent, uniform look overall. This will help viewers know right away when they are looking at your content. Number four (swoop). Channel artwork is also a great place to communicate to your viewers (swoop). Maybe you have a product or video out you want to advertise.

Maybe you want to display all your various shows (swoop). Or maybe you just want to communicate which days and times you release your videos. (swoop) Whatever it is you want to communicate, use the space to help get that information across to viewers. However, that leads me into number five (swoop). Don’t overcrowd the info or design of your channel artwork (swoop). Simple eye-catching designs tend to work best here so the viewer doesn’t feel overwhelmed. And finally, (swoop) number six (swoop).

If you have a tagline for your channel, this is a great place to display that as well, so you can continue to express to the viewers what your channel is all about (swoop). So now that you know these channel art tips, you’re sure to strengthen your branding and impress potential viewers. Unless they’re art snobs, that is. (swoop) (classical music) – Now this one? It just doesn’t speak to me. I mean, look at the smirk on her face, really? Who does she think she is anyway?