Word Tips Weekly

– [Instructor] For most people it’s faster and easier to speak what you want to say than it is to type it out. Well, the good news is for Word users with an Office 365 account or for those using Word online, you can now use Dictation. That’s what we’re going to explore in this week’s Word Tip and we’ll do it with a new blank document. Now, you will have to have an Office 365 account and be signed in. You can see I’m logged in here as Mark Tristener. You can also be working with Word Online, where with the Home tab selected on the ribbon, we find a Dictate button broken up into two halves, an upper and lower.

Clicking the lower half shows us the different languages we can choose from and an opportunity to begin Dictation, turning it on here. The same as clicking the top half of this button. Now, when you’re speaking, you’ll be using your computer’s microphone if it’s built in, a headset you may have connected, or even the built in microphone in many mobile devices. So that has to be working for Dictation to work. The other thing that has to be enabled is something called Intelligent Services, but if it’s not enabled and we click this button, you’ll see a prompt to turn it on.

Going forward, you won’t see this message. So when we’re ready, we can turn on Intelligent Services and go back to the same button now to begin Dictation, remembering that everything we say is going to be recorded and typed out on the page. If we need line breaks, we say new line. If we want to start a new paragraph, we say new paragraph. Punctuation is also spoken, period, comma, question mark and so on. Let’s give it a try and see how it does.

(bell dings) Project Orange Stem, new paragraph. Together with our partners at Orange Valley Schools, we are working to introduce science, comma, technology, comma, engineering, comma, and mathematics to children in our community, period, new paragraph. Email us to find out about volunteer opportunities, period. (bell dings) So we click the same button to stop Dictation and let’s see how we did.

As you can see, it was much faster just to say what we wanted to say and have it typed out for us. It’s not always going to be perfect. You may see errors that need to be fixed or formatting. For example, our title here. We might want to capitalize some of these, but we can always go back and make the fixes much faster than typing it out from scratch, and any formatting, we can click and maybe turn this into a title, for example. Everything else seems to look good. So, if you have an Office 365 account or if you’re working with Word Online, you can now dictate what you want to say, as opposed to typing it out.

It’s a nice little time saver that’ll help you to work more efficiently here in Microsoft Word and other Office apps like PowerPoint.