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The ladies in Learning campaign is exhibited on March’s Learning Today tv along with David David on learning at the level of work, how AJAI is being used to develop lawyers’ skills and Learning Today tv welcomes a new typical reporter, Euan Semple.
Recording on International Women’s Day time, Nigel talks to Sharon Claffey Kaliouby about the Women In mastering campaign she is helping to put together and it includes a series of clips from some of the leading ladies in learning.

David James foretells Nigel about an important and also growing topic – understanding at the point of perform. David discusses how important this issue is as it’s where the genuine learning happens.

Our fresh co-host Gemma Critchley interview Ginny Powlson and Emily Winslow and discovers just how AI is being used in their particular law firm to achieve outstanding effects.

Euan Semple, the famous speaker, writer and technological innovation consultant, joins the Learning Fresh tv reporting team. Euan is an advocate for L&D people using technology them selves and in his first review for LNTV Euan stock shares how he uses technological innovation to learn.

This month’s Understanding Now tv is in Thursday March 28 from 10 am UK moment. And the show will be available in catch up from the LNTV site three days later.

The complete programme of interviews and also features for March’s LNTV show:

Filmed on Global Women’s Day, Nigel foretells Sharon Claffey Kaliouby regarding the Women In Learning campaign jane is helping to organise and we such as a series of snippets from several of the leading women in learning.

Jesse James talks to Nigel in relation to an important and growing theme – learning at the position of work. David examines how important the subject is as they have where the real learning transpires.

Gemma Critchley interviews Ginny Powlson and Emily Winslow about how their law firm is definitely utilising AI to develop often the firm’s lawyers and illustrate how it’s achieving many outstanding results.

We desired our new regular factor Euan Semple whose set focuses on using technology to get learning and personal development. He / she explains how technology makes it possible for his own learning.

Robin Hoyle tackles the subject of helping professionals to see that by causing enough ‘slack’ in the process they will be able to have more a chance to support their people’s finding out and development.

We desired William De Kaste who all runs the Batchelor in mastering & Development for the Kent Academy in The Netherlands in addition to Nigel finds out how the process is producing some high grade graduates.

The next Learning Currently tv programme is with Thursday March 28 on 10 am UK time frame with the live social mode with Colin Steed commencing at 9. 50 are UK time.

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Learning Currently tv is a live-streamed Online tv channel bringing motivational interviews, debates and around tables, and advice in addition to guidance on real world L&D difficulties. Learning and development authorities are be able to interact with the educational Now tv team with its social channel over the live stream, as well as having access to often the recorded programmes to refer to help throughout the year.


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