Where to find out more about xAPI

As I often go searching for articles and examples on xAPI (Experience API or Tin-Can API), I figured others may benefit from a list of resources that may also help you getting to grips with xAPI.

Self gloating plug first, I’ve posted a few articles that you can scroll through at http://juliandavis.com/tag/xapi or checkout how to Dissect an xAPI statement here.

Below is a growing list of articles that I come across that you may find useful. I’ll continue to maintain the list as I discover more.

If you’ve found a link that should be added, please comment and I’ll pop it in!

And if you’d like to take the time to read the entire spec, head on over to https://github.com/adlnet/xAPI-Spec

Look at following these people as well. They offer some great articles and are heavily involved in the growth of xAPI


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