Webinar: Digitizing HR & IT Workflows in 4 Simple Steps

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Web conferencing: Digitizing HR & THE IDEA Workflows in 4 Simple measures

We’ve all been studying about how digitizing enterprise process delivers great experiences along with unlocks productivity for the personnel and the entire organization. Nevertheless how can your organization meet all these goals quickly, easily along with without disruption?

Come enroll in us for a webinar about Wed., Apr. 24 with 11a PT / 2p ET for an interactive debate about how enterprises are this in 4 straightforward measures. Specifically, the webinar can focus on:

What specifically would it mean to take traditional, stage-by-stage processes and streamline these people in to efficient digitized process
How this workflow digitization process can streamline both equally HR and IT efforts, which results in big increases in productivity and work quality
Precisely how an integrated Learning Experience Software (LXP) can efficiently aid workflow digitization for HOUR and IT teams with little disruption
How ServiceNow along with EdCast are delivering Teaching & Learning in the Movement of Work solutions to their customers and partners, gratifying the vision outlined by simply Josh Bersin here: Mastering In The Flow Of Job: Arriving Now
This information-packed webinar will be led by simply Deepak Bharadwaj, VP as well as GM, HR Product Line with ServiceNow, Philip Levinson, VP, Marketing at EdCast, Meters Khait, CTO at EdCast. The recording and presentation are going to be made available to all registrants.

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