WB Edition: E-Learning Elevation – The Post

S ome courses at Ohio University are making the transition towards online learning, supplementing students’ needs with more affordable and accessible online textbooks and homework material.

An increasing number of courses at OU are requiring that students participate in e-learning as a means to lower the cost of course materials. Inclusive access learning gives students the opportunity to access their digital textbooks and homework on the first day of classes, according to the university website.

The inclusive access model at OU requires that students have the choice to “opt out” of the program, which means that they will have to acquire their course materials individually. The students then have the responsibility to obtain the materials on their own. Students have until the last day of dropping classes to opt out of digital course materials.

The students enrolled in courses participating in this program will be made aware that their course requires an e-textbook and online homework assignments when they register for it.

The cost of these e-textbooks will be charged to each student account at the beginning of each semester.


APT CBT Translations | Source: WB Edition: E-Learning Elevation – The Post