Using Microsoft Teams and OneNote for Professional Development

Learn how you can use Microsoft Teams and OneNote as a Tech Coach to both in the classroom and in professional development situations to help your teachers implement digital technologies with their students.

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In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with Jeni Long and Sallee Clark to discuss how they are using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote as professional development tools in their classroom.

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In this episode, we discuss:

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  • Creating Professional Development using Microsoft Teams and OneNote
    • Should we focus on Tech or on Teachers?
    • Microsoft Teams
      • What is it?
        • Platform for the organization, connecting with others, collaboration, & learning. The more we have used it, the more we see it as a platform for true collaboration. It has some aspects of an LMS like assignments, rubrics, speed grader, but offers so much more with OneNote, app integration, and Skype.
      • How does it work?
        • Sign in through your free Office 365 account
        • Invite members or guests with emails or give a join code
        • There are channels within the team for easy navigation and organization. c
        • Guest Access Available
      • What can we do with it?
        • Global PLN – OneNote, Skype, Flipgrid, ongoing global communication with conversations
        • Teacher PLC – OneNote, Skype, conversations, shared files
      • How can students use it?
    • Microsoft OneNote
      • What is it? One stop shop for all things – digital files, videos, audio, links, etc
      • How does it work?
      • What can we do with it?
      • How can students use it?
    • The MIE program
      • What is it?
      • How do you join?
        • April 15- July 15 announced in Aug
      • Working with the Microsoft EDU family