The #1 Reason You Should Bother with Leadership Development

It’s tempting to think of leadership development as old-fashioned. I’ve heard it all.  

“Why not just hire the best people and let them do their job?” 

“Why spend the time, money, and effort putting people through courses?”  

“Why provide skill assessments when people should know their strengths and weaknesses?” 

“Leadership development is made-up by consultants and trainers trying to make a quick buck.”  

The naysaying and misguided opinions continue on, and on.  

In the past, organizations invested in professional development programs like sales training, customer service training, and communication training to get a leg up on the competition and create a level of consistency across the organization.  Eventually, these organizations realized their managers were the key to the implementation and stickiness of training. This revelation caused a shift in attention to those in leadership positions. 


APT Informal Learning Translations | Source: The #1 Reason You Should Bother with Leadership Development