SweetRush At The 16th Financial Services L&TD Innovations

Enroll in SweetRush At The 16th Monetary Services Learning & Skill Development Innovations

SweetRush Remedy Architect Lisa Van-Damme is going to be on the exhibit floor in the 16th Financial Services Studying & Talent Development Improvements, answering questions and showing our award-winning breadth as well as depth of experience dealing with learning and development experts in the financial services business.

Here’s a brief explanation associated with some of the areas in which we are able to partner with you:
Are you interested in emerging technologies and wanting to experiment? Our SPARK group can open up a world associated with exciting possibilities for you along with virtual reality, augmented fact, mixed realities, and synthetic intelligence. Despite the buzz about emerging technologies, we are additionally aware of the many misunderstandings which still abound around the subject, which is why we’ve also a new one-day workshop to guide beginners in their first steps in the direction of tech-aided learning.
In need of outstanding talent to augment your L&D team? Our Talent Options team has an outstanding along with of professionals who can step in rapidly to help make your initiatives occur.
If you view culture like a business imperative, our Social Transformation team can build relationships your teams, leadership, as well as enterprise through high-energy training courses, targeted communications, and modify management.


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