/r/elearning and new rules

Hi everyone!

First I'd like to address what /r/elearning is. This is a place for people in the training and development industry to share news, tips, and articles, and to discuss platforms, methodologies, and things of that nature.

The subreddit has kind of been taken over by spam. That ends right now.

Here are the rules published in the sidebar, and an explanation of each one.

  • Follow reddit's self-promotion guidelines. No more than 10 percent of your submissions to this website may be for the purposes of promoting your own content.

Spam kills subreddits. Users unsubscribe. Discussion gets buried. To combat the problem of spam we'll be enforcing reddit's self-promotion guidelines. If we find that more than 10 percent of your posts to reddit are for the purposes of promoting your own service, blog, or things of that nature, then the post will be removed and the account will be reported to admins.

This one's easy. Basically don't be a dick.

  • Keep posts on-topic.

As long as posts have anything at all to do with elearning, including design, authoring tools, methodologies, then the post is fine.

That's it! We hope these changes will encourage the sharing of ideas and discussion between elearning professionals.

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