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It is true in the context of Cambodia that if you want to pursue quality education, you have to go to class. However, with the globalisation and all the changes happening around, people have gotten busier in jobs, businesses and other activities. So, how can they be successful in both fields?

With the improvement of technological landscape, the launch of e-learning platform at Sunway Hotel on March 29 came at the right time. This new platform was brought to Cambodia through a collaboration between CAM-ASEAN Corporate Training in collaboration and TEEC Australia.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Seang Sopagna, president of CAM-ASEAN, said, “I think we are in the digital era now. Everybody does not have much time to go to physical classrooms now and so they want a more convenient platform which enables them to do self-study at their preferred pace and time. However, it is more effective if physical platform can combine with online.”

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He further highlighted that if people look at the internet penetration in Cambodia, it is really high and it keeps spreading widely and its connection is getting faster due to strong support from government. He believes more and more people can have access to technology and he is optimistic that more young people will embrace and appreciate the new e-learning platform.

Mr Sopagna, however, warned that using YouTube as mere source of learning is not the right way, especially for young people.

“There is no proper structure for those who like to learn from YouTube. The difference between e-learning platform and other materials available online, particularly YouTube, is that this e-learning programme is academically structured and ensure that students can learn and grow. By following this, we can track their progress and help them reach their goals.”

The e-learning platform is user-friendly, even to old people. It helps users study lesson independently without coming to four-walled classrooms with other students. This is especially helpful to those who do not have the time to be physically present in schools but are very passionate to grow academically. The e-learning programme gives students access to the same contents given at school, making learning more convenient for them.

Russ Emmerson, co-director of CAM-ASEAN E-learning reflected from his personal experience as a teacher. “One of my popular courses is called ‘Practical English’. It can be delivered as blended learning course or e-learning course. E-learning course is good for self-study learners. But blended learning – e-learning course plus in-class programme – is also very advantageous.”

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He clarified, “It is designed for students to improve their English starting from elementary to advanced level. It has over 400 lessons. After they complete all the lesson and tasks, they will receive a certificate.”

Aside from being able to study at their own place, pace and time, he added that students can take diagnostic tasks which will weigh their strengths and weaknesses. It will generate lessons specifically for them.

The half-day launching event last Friday also included a panel discussion on skills and training development, featuring important topics as such recruitment and retention best practice, e-learning for skill development, effective training and skill development fund, where students, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and human resources managers were able to take significant learning.

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