Novartis goes ‘Big on Learning’ by Offering Employees Top Data Science Master’s Degrees on Coursera

By Leah Belsky, SVP of Enterprise, Coursera

In September, we began our partnership with Novartis, a leading global medicines company, to offer its entire workforce — 108,000 employees across 140 countries — unlimited access to Coursera’s catalog of 3,600 courses. We embarked on this journey with a goal of establishing a culture of learning that delivers critical data science, digital, and soft skills needed to drive medical innovation across the company. 

Today, I’m delighted to share that Novartis is going beyond courses to offer employees access to top master’s degrees on Coursera. As of this month, Novartis is granting all eligible employees free tuition to earn the Master of Computer Science in Data Science from the University of Illinois or the Master of Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan. The popular degrees will enable employees to build mastery in core skills like machine learning, computer systems, and natural language processing.

Adding world-class degrees to the learning catalog is a testament to Novartis’ leadership in “going big on learning.” Aside from building the critical skills needed to stay at the forefront of medical innovation, these efforts enable Novartis to boost employee engagement and attract and retain talent in the long-run. 

A rapidly changing skills landscape requires employees to gain different levels of proficiency in critical skills like data science, so providing a range of learning options is key. Novartis is the first Coursera for Business customer to offer master’s degrees through our enterprise platform, setting a model for creating diverse and flexible pathways within an institutional learning context. Employees can now select from individual courses to gain a basic understanding, Specializations for more in-depth exploration, and master’s programs to achieve advanced skills in data science. 

Novartis employees have demonstrated tremendous curiosity for learning. Since the launch of our partnership, thousands of employees have embraced the opportunity to learn data science on Coursera. Leveraging Coursera’s skills development analytics, Novartis is able to benchmark skills development against industry peers. Early results reveal that employees are quickly advancing in data science skills, leading in areas like Data Visualization and Data Strategy. 

We can’t wait to see the impact unfold as Novartis continues to set the bar high for learning in the workplace.

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