New on FutureLearn: topics, pick up where you left off, Study UK and more

Find the right course for you with topic pages

To help you find the right course, we’ve introduced dedicated pages where you can find all the courses, programs and degrees we offer on a specific topic in one place. On some of these pages you’ll also find thoughts from previous learners, and handy career advice on related jobs.

A short clip showing the action of scrolling down the FutureLearn Finance topic page.

Just search on FutureLearn for a topic you’re interested in, and if we have a page for that subject area, it will show up in the search results. Want an example? Check out the finance page.

Return to the last step you visited

We’ve added a simple way to get back to the last step you visited in a course. We had feedback from a lot of learners that it would be great to be able to go straight back to the step they were last on, after returning to a course from Your learning.

Now you can do that easily by following a quick link to your last visited step, found at the top of the course to do list.

A screen showing the FutureLearn website with a return to step banner.

See all your certificates in one place

We’ve added an ‘Achievements’ section to Your learning. Now you can see your certificates in one place and choose to make them public on your profile.

Check out the new achievements section

A screen showing the FutureLearn achievements sections.

Learn online with a UK university for free with Study UK

We’ve launched the Study UK campaign in collaboration with the British Council for the third time. The Study UK campaign promotes UK education around the world. It gives people the chance to see what it’s like to earn UK qualifications and study at UK institutions. Learners can choose from around 200 courses from dozens of UK institutions.

As part of the Study UK campaign, the British Council and the GREAT Britain campaign are offering 50,000 free digital upgrades to eligible learners on FutureLearn. This includes the opportunity for learners to gain recognition for their hard work by earning digital certificates.

Find out more, including whether you’re eligible for a free digital upgrade

A screen showing the FutureLearn Study UK promotion.

Tell us what you think

We’re always interested in hearing your feedback and ideas for how we can improve FutureLearn.

You can press the support button in the bottom right corner of any page in a course to leave comments, vote on popular ideas that you’d like to see built, and generally help us improve FutureLearn. If you don’t see the button you can email your comments, questions or ideas to

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