Meet Jenny: Innovator on Demand™ & Project Manager

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If you didn’t know, there are a number of Innovators who have been with us seeing that ttcInnovations’ inception (almost 19 years ago! ) or practically that long. Jenny is normally one of those longtime Innovators, in addition to she recently joined your Innovators on Demand™ power team to offer her expertise to be a project manager. Jenny features a high energy and awareness of detail that keeps an entire team organized and in time with each project. Really is endless you enjoy getting to know her!

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How long have you been some sort of Innovator?
I became some sort of Innovator in 2005 and sometimes am referred to as a “lifer”!

Where are you from?
We was born in Merriam, Kansas and have lived in various and surrounding suburbs of the Kansas City location most of my life – take away living in Lawrence, KS whereas I went to KU, relocating for a work assignment around Philadelphia, and staying in Guadalajara, Mexico for a summer to review at a university there.

Just what does your typical evening routine look like?
I love to beginning my day early along with yoga at a studio heaped with strong and empowering gals. It sets a positive in addition to centered tone for the day this helps me handle almost any curveballs work or existence in general throw my manner.

What is your role? Just what roles can you fill for being an Innovator on Demand™?
Your role is project administrator, but I have also bending as a learning consultant around previous Innovator on Requirement assignments.

What do you appreciate most about your position?
I love being able to make sense in addition to order out of a lot of fast-moving parts to ensure projects can be successful, all while treating new challenges alongside your client counterparts and ttc team of Innovators.

Just what 3 items are consistently at your desk?
A giant flask of water, a protect of paper for insights, and a fun colored note down.

When you aren’t busy working hard, what do you enjoy accomplishing?
Being silly with his dad, watching my youngest little girl in her musicals, running in nature, and examining a book or seeing a TV show that you just can’t put down or turn far from.

Where do you find determination that motivates you within your work?
I am a self-help book and podcast junkie. I am always looking to enhance and grow.

What’s certainly one of your favorite inspirational quotes?
“Everything can be taken from a man nonetheless one thing: the last of person freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given range circumstances, to choose one’s private way. ” – Viktor E. Frankl

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