lRS analytics stack for my company. xapi. Suggestions?

Essentially we have a website with hundreds of online courses. Each course has roughly 12 modules, and within those modules, there are PDF downloads, youtube videos, and some reading content. All of this is via PHP/HTML/CSS on a drupal website. None of it is being tracked – no LMS.

I'd like to start tracking all user activity and was thinking xAPI was perfect use-case as I know javascript and handle all the web analytics currently. I could use google analytics for this, but all that data is sampled over time. I'd like a more user-focused tracking solution.

I just wanted to see if others here had any input for me, and best next steps. We have a lot of users and I'd like to get started on this project with a solid foundation. The end goal is to be able to use the xAPI data and mix it with our CRM and other data eventually. As well as get a general idea of our user attendance across all courses.

Anyways, would love it if anyone here had any input.


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