Issue #273

This Week’s Best eLearning News and Articles (Issue 273)

Free eBook – Onboarding Optimisation: Your Guide To Employee Induction Using A NextGen LMS
Bringing in new hires to help your organisation achieve its goals is a demanding procedure. When going to all this trouble, isn’t it a shame to lose talented employees due to poor onboarding? This is why you should approach employee induction more systematically. A basic step for this is choosing a NextGen LMS. To help you with this decision, and the others that’ll follow, this edition contains answers to all the “whys” and “hows”, and thus can be touted as a must-read for onboarding optimisation.

eLearning Trends 2019: From The Trenches
‘From the Trenches’ talks about what’s happening in the minds and pockets of L&D managers across the world, the shifting priorities and changing paradigms in corporate training. From a utilitarian shift in Instructional Design to LMS’s that teach, read what’s happening in the L&D world.


APT Informal Learning Translations | Source: Issue #273