How to waste your time at an edtech conference in 7 easy steps

Being a presenter as well as volunteer, allowed me the chance to observe some key actions that lead to a wasted encounter at TCEA or some other educational conferences. It is the advice to you that you NOT REALLY partake in the following suggestions if you wish to maximize the learning and knowledge at your next education meeting.

How to waste your time in a edtech conference in seven easy steps

1 . Wear footwear for looking and not with regard to walking!

Leave the pumps and boots at home and also wear shoes that were intended for walking. These conferences tend to be huge and require strolling everywhere. In fact , I proportioned over 13, 000 actions per day while presenting the majority of days and walking through session to session or even through the exhibit hall. The dimensions of the convention centers and also the amount of walking you will perform even became a operating joke at TCEA 2019 with these awesome floor graphics.

2 . Attend with co-workers and all go to the same classes

If you attend a conference along with colleagues from your campus, region or area then your own learning! It is impossible to go to every session you want to find out about but with colleagues, you can separate and conquer then discuss the information back with each other. Like a super volunteer at TCEA I scanned badges along with time and time again I would see categories of teachers and administrators almost all from the same district in addition to campuses attending the same periods together. While it is true you may pick up on different things, think of just how much more could the group have discovered by going to different sessions simultaneously.

3. Skip the starting keynote

I am totally the former practitioner of this error! I never used to go to the keynotes because there is sessions at the same time or, in case open, the exhibit corridor would be less crowded. But I attended the TCEA keynote for the first time in 2018 and then again this year. I lastly learned what I have been lacking! The opening keynotes possess proved to be very inspirational as well as truly spark the instructor drive that may be dwindling at the begining of February. At TCEA they have got super comfy couches in advance so arrive early and also snag a spot up close and private with the presenter. The beginning keynote for TCEA 2019 was Mae Jemison, any former astronaut, who actually has her own LEGO personality!

4. Visit the exhibit hallway in a single day

The display hall is the favorite spot to pick up free swag coming from various educational vendors. However exhibit halls can be massive. For example , the TCEA show hall is around the size of 3 football fields put together. Attempting to visit all of these booths in one day will not only be stressful but you are likely to miss out on amazing swag, booth sessions along with book signings that occur throughout the conference.

Take note within the first day of unit schedules of events which don’t necessarily appear in the actual conference guide book or perhaps app. I also have to acknowledge that due to my routine, I had did visit the demonstrate hall in a single day in addition to my feet paid the cost! Plus, I missed on some booth sessions too.

5. Don’t participate in conference-wide games or scavenger hunts

TCEA ran a great scavenger hunt looking for lightbulbs full of tech tips. These bulbs aligned to the conference concept of the Fully Charged that as soon as found & turned in “charged up” a display board filled with lights and tech suggestions. Winners were also awarded a special conference t-shirt that wore the Fully Charged concept.
For those that participate, not only do you have some great swag, you also understand new tips and meet brand new people as well!

6. Stick to yourself and don’t connect to others

Conferences are the best time for you to network with other professional grown ups to grow your personal learning system. You have the opportunity to meet teachers from all over the country and now the actual world at TCEA along with other conferences. Talk with other participants in the hall, eat your meal with a new friend, and reveal your experiences on social networking! By simply networking and conference new people you never understand what opportunities may come your way.

7. Keep all your new incredible ideas to yourself at the seminar

This is possibly the biggest method to waste your time at a convention! You have the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills and ideas but if you act like you never try them in your classroom, or inform a friend back home, or talk about on social media then that which was the point of learning to begin with? Don’t keep all these fresh amazing ideas to yourself. Make learning back to your grounds or district and distribute the wealth!