H5P Branching Scenario

Along with the release of Virtual Tour (360), H5P have also released their Branching Scenario content type. I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at this during the H5P 2018 Conference and to me, this is up there with the interactive video as a a bit of a game changer.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The scenarios can be as complex or as simple as needed. The example H5P provide thanks to Ryerson University https://de.ryerson.ca/games/nursing/mental-health/game.html#/ is a brilliant introduction as to how the tool can top up your eLearning tool kit.

Some of these features are:

Scoring is can be set per ending or based on points collected through the learner’s path.

Any number of branches and endings with different feedback and score per ending

Choices may be set to lead to any other node within the interactivity tree structure

The following H5P content types may be added to your Branching Scenario:

  • Course Presentation
  • Text
  • Image
  • Image Hotspots
  • Interactive Video
  • Video

If you’ve not checked it out yet, have a look at
https://h5p.org/branching-scenario (understanding it’s still in beta 🙂 )