ELC 054: Do learners understand your instructional graphics?

Do learners understand your instructional graphics?
Are we all a little over-confident about the graphics we use to promote learning? Today’s guest, Elizabeth Boling, has done research that demonstrates we are. We assume that people can understand our intent in the instructional graphics that we or others produce.

Elizabeth has done a lot of thinking and research in this area. She is a professor of instructional systems technology in the School of Education at Indiana University. Her resume includes 10 years of design practice, five of which were at Apple. She was editor-in chief at Tech Trends and is founding editor and current editor-in-chief of International Journal of Designs for Learning, 


  1. How people interpret instructional illustrations versus what the designer intended
  2. What affects decoding of a graphical element
  3. Visual literacy
  4. How text augments visuals
  5. Why schools should be teaching students how to create graphics
  6. Decoding icons and information graphics
  7. Importance of testing graphics on users
  8. Some criteria for when graphics are needed to enhance learning
  9. When graphics may detract from learning

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TIME: 30 minutes


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