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To satisfy dearth of paediatric cardiologists who can diagnose congenital cardiovascular system diseases
When the Health Office and the National Health Vision launched Hridyam in 2017, the State’s initiative to the early diagnosis and remedying of congenital heart diseases (CHD) in newborns and newborns, one of the primary challenges was the deficiency of experienced paediatric cardiologists or maybe cardiologists who could give you a confirmatory diagnosis of CHD in the infant in a critical issue.

In an effort at ability building, for the first time, the Health Office has now opted for e-learning alternatives and it is proving to be a enormous hit amongst all health-care providers.

“There are just a couple of paediatric cardiologists and a lot fewer still in the government field. Mostly we depended on cardiologists for a diagnosis. But children is not a miniature mature and we found later in which in many cases, there are crucial procedures differences, ” says E. Sreehari, State Nodal Policeman (Child Health), who has also been coordinating Hridyam.

Critical circumstances
Last year, at a stakeholders’ getting together with, senior paediatric cardiologists noticed that government hospitals had to be loaded to stabilise and maintain supposed CHD cases brought in key condition, till it was probable to transfer the infant with other private sector hospitals.

However this has been followed up with a compilation of continuing medical education courses, it is evident that standard knowledge in paediatric cardiology is crucial for all doctors along with nurses in hospitals using newborn ICUs.

Online lessons
Children’s Heart Links (CHL), an NGO partner involving Hridyam, came up with the idea of e-learning solutions.

Through CHL, medical Department has now tied up with Teleradiology Solutions, a globally licensed company, to facilitate on the web sessions in paediatric cardiology.

“The co-founder of the firm, Sunita Maheshwari, a paediatric cardiologist trained abroad, offers tele radiology solutions to most district hospitals in Tripura as well as online classes for the Country wide Board for DNB lessons in 12 institutions in the land.

With the help of CHL and Teleradiology Solutions, 30 paediatric cardiologists from across the country have linked our e-learning initiative. Looking for planned 52 one-hour regular classes on different matters. ” says Dr . Sreehari.

Some seven classes have always been conducted. From across twenty-one hospitals in Kerala around 150 paediatricians from health care colleges and doctors along with staff nurses in section hospitals with sick infant care units are joining the live online classes along with interactive sessions.

Another thirty hospitals, including private health care colleges, have now sought choice to take part, health officers say.

To reinforce the learning, some sort of mobile app has also been designed.

Echo test
Efforts are at this point on to integrate point-of-care echocardiography test into Hridyam, by giving hands-on training to paediatricians in government hospitals.


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