E-learning programme launched to encourage dropouts

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Within a bid to increase the number of graduates in the Kingdom, the Education Ministry and Unesco today unveiled the Basic Education Equivalency Process at the Institute of Technological know-how of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and three many other branches in Siem Enjoy.

The programme is in it’s pilot stage and it seeks to provide alternative education to help out-of-school youths in order for these phones receive ninth-grade level accreditation.

In doing so, the Education Ministry and Unesco hope that will youths can obtain the knowledge together with skills needed to have outstanding employment opportunities.

Education Minister Stay Chuon Naron yesterday claimed Beep allows students to educate yourself using an online-based programme, remembering that the initiative is also available to migrant workers as a result of Beep’s website.

“It’s an an online programme with regard to out-of-school students, ” Mr Chuon Naron said. “They can learn 11 people anytime. ”

“Please be an aid to promote this programme to help you Cambodian workers in Thailand and Korea so they can get hold of certified, ” he increased.

While the centre in Phnom Penh is located at the company, centres in Siem Harvest are based in the Domestic Cambodian Youth Centre, Bayon Secondary School and Rinse Hand Community.

Source | E-learning programme launched to encourage dropouts