dominKnow Showcases New All-in-One eLearning Authoring System at Learning Solutions 2019

Instructional designers and developers are moving beyond traditional eLearning courses and using other kinds of digital content to deliver relevant, timely, and personalized experiences to learners. As a result, they’re using a range of eLearning authoring tools to get the job done. But using multiple tools comes with challenges and inefficiencies.

With the introduction of dominKnow | ONE, designers get everything they need in one place to create more than just eLearning. From formal learning, performance support, and micro learning, dominKnow | ONE delivers content in any format for any device, without having to switch between tools and stitch together content from different places.

“With dominKnow | ONE, we wanted to empower designers to fully utilize their creativity and enable flexibility to design whatever was needed for any given situation without sacrificing functionality or requiring they learn a new tool, just because one project required responsive design and another a traditional design approach,” says CEO Luke Hickey.

With content organized in the cloud, a single-source of content can be maximized by reusing, repurposing, and sharing among projects and team members. Updates across multiple courses, versions, and translations become a breeze. And with best-in-class collaboration and review tools built-in, projects are easily managed and accelerated.

dominKnow | ONE brings together award-winning authoring tools, Claro course authoring, Flow responsive content authoring, and Capture software simulation into one integrated system with adjustable workspaces that can adapt to any level of author experience.

dominKnow | ONE still has all the traditional functionality to take PowerPoint slides and convert them to mobile-friendly, HTML5, interactive and engaging courses. But now designers can create all kinds of responsive content like infographics, knowledge bases, interactive video, and much more for different moments of need, all with dominKnow | ONE.

Easily build interactive and engaging experiences with loads of interactions that perform out of the box without modifications. Choose from countless templates, stock photos, people, icons, and shapes pre-loaded for rapid authoring. Designers get a complete authoring toolset that is easy-to-use and powerful enough for advanced users with no programming required.

No longer will designers and developers be locked-in by limited design and authoring tools that build the same content despite the need for a different approach. With dominKnow | ONE, designers can toss the shackles and create what they want and do it faster by:

  • Taking control of content with centrally-managed assets
  • Collaborating as a team to accelerate projects
  • Repurposing existing content into different forms
  • Eliminating duplication by reusing assets
  • Managing versions and making mass updates
  • Managing one set of standards to reduce errors and QA
  • Gaining better insights with automatically generated xAPI and SCORM statements
  • Scaling to meet future demands

Stop by dominKnow at booth #311 at Learning Solutions 2019, and see how you can optimize the way you build all kinds of learning content.

About dominKnow
dominKnow is an all-in-one eLearning authoring and learning content management system that lets users do more, faster, by unlocking content and working together to speed development. Create more kinds of interactive and engaging content for any device, collaborate in real-time, share and reuse assets with team members, and manage everything securely in the cloud. Create content, using a host of templates and digital assets with the flexibility and customization to create engaging learning experiences on any device, without limitations or modifications. Future-proof content development and output accessible- and HTML5-compliant content, automatically generated xAPI statements, SCORM, AICC, and PENS distribution. Easily publish to an LMS, LRS, web, print, desktop, or dominKnow mobile app.


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