Designing Engaging Learner/Mentor Modules for Effective Knowledge Transfer – by Oleh Boraczok, Colleen Ramirez

Exercising that increased confidence within job and product information, and that improved productivity as well as application time of studying by both new as well as current employees, was extremely important. The past training had demonstrated ineffective-it consisted of manuals associated with overwhelming information, along with sporadic knowledge delivery by designated mentors. The learners are not engaged, which inhibited studying satisfaction and retention, and the ability to apply knowledge successfully on the job was a serious administration concern. The business partner, within preparation for a new influx of learners, needed a highly effective solution to make sure the job as well as product knowledge was readily available, retained, and applied properly just in time. Learning required to occur independently of any kind of classroom environment and at the actual learner’s own pace-within specified time allocations.

This program will discuss and discover the reasons for this particular knowledge-transfer design, and you will see how the whole learning package-using eight distinctively designed components of just-in-time information-engaged the learner, set the building blocks for a strong and extensive learner/mentor partnership, and presented a consistent transfer and maintenance of knowledge regardless of an given mentor. Feedback from students and the mentor assessments recognized the resulting increase in the comfort a higher level learner knowledge, which in turn enhanced the learners’ confidence if they applied the knowledge as essential.

In this session, you will learn:

How one can implement a knowledge-transfer layout regardless of industry or eLearning software
How to design various learning components that you can blend into one effective learning deal
How to strengthen a mastering event with consistent airport transfers of knowledge by randomly given mentors without overwhelming typically the mentors and learners using information
How to give students the ability to absorb and keep information without needing to memorize the idea

Designers, developers, executives, and learning consultants

Engineering discussed in this session:

Learning-package components and engaging video layout

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