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This is how our process works at Artisan E-Learning:

Step 1 | Project Start-Up
Start strong—finish strong. We place a heavy emphasis up front on really understanding you, your stakeholders, your audience, your business need, and your content. During the start-up phase, we review what content you have, talk to the key stakeholders about what success looks like, and then work together to make important design decisions to ensure your project’s success.

Step 2 | Design & Develop Course Prototype
If this is your first course or if you are looking for a “makeover,” we’ll develop a prototype for you with a handful of slides. As we develop the prototype, we work with you to make important design decisions around fonts, colors, style, navigation, and device compatibility. By seeing several slides in action, you can feel confident in the decisions we’ve made together and the direction your course is heading. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to test the prototype to make sure it works in your learning management system.

Step 3 | Write & Review Storyboards
The storyboard is the slide-by-slide blueprint of the course. We use our instructional design expertise to identify the course objectives and use the storyboard to outline our approach to teaching these objectives. The storyboards you receive will describe all of the content, interactions, and assessments and will provide visual suggestions about graphics and animations. During the review process, we’ll work closely with your stakeholders and subject-matter experts to make sure everyone is on board with the high-level design approach, overall course flow, and specific wording of the content—before we start assembling the course.

Step 4 | Develop & Review Online Course
This is where your storyboards come to life! The online draft is a working, living, breathing version of your course with all the content, audio and video (if used), graphics, interactions, and assessments ready for you to test. You and your stakeholders can review everything to make sure it meets your expectations. We have a formal yet generous review policy that lets you request reasonable changes along the way.

Step 5 | Quality Assurance
After a course goes live, you want to get phone calls about how great that course is…not that it wouldn’t load or that a link didn’t work. We have a team of trained testers who review the courses for technical functionality, grammatical accuracy, style consistency, and browser compatibility. If you are trying to reach a broad audience on a wide variety of devices, you’ll feel confident knowing that your course works from start to finish.

Step 6 | Publish & Deliver
Once everything has been approved, it’s time to share the course with your audience! We turn over the published course files for you to post on the platform of your choice, such as your website or learning management system. We’ll also give you all the source files we used to create the course, in case you ever want to make updates yourself.


Contact Information

Name: Tanya Seidel
Title: Vice President, Finance and Technology
Phone: 775-298-1588
Twitter: @ArtisanElrng

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