Create Voice Controlled AR Apps 2: Build a Real Estate Brochure

– [Male Voice] Okay guys, welcome back, it’s now time for me to do a quick mini video to show you guys the easiest way that I’ve found to update unity, you can do it from inside the editor but it doesn’t always retrieve the, uh, latest version when you click on the help, um, button at the top of unity and check for updates. Um, so what I like to do is, I like to come to the website and do it this way and that way I ensure that I’m getting the latest version. Now, up in the top right hand corner it says “get unity” we’ve seen this before, where you choose your licenses, but what I want to do is scroll down, and click on… this “already own unity” “download the latest version” link. And this will take us through, and like I said 2018 has come out re-beta now, and I thought it would be a good time to download this new version and get the new version of “viewphoria” as well, with the little extra tick box for the ground plays and a few extra widgets here and there. Now its automatically detected that I’m on a Mac, so all I have to do is click “download installer.” And there we go, I now have the assistant downloaded, show it in my finder, and start the install. Now, I know you guys probably know how to install software already, so I’ll just skip through this for a second. And the only thing as usual that I like to draw attention to is this page. SO this is the one that is the most important, uh, make sure that you have ticked everything that you want to build on. So starting at the top, we obviously need Unity. I don’t know whether to get visual studio for Mac, um, I’m quite happy with mono-develop, but I’m going to give it a try, they’ve included it for a reason, it might integrate better I don’t know yet, let’s have a look. So I might as well get visual studio. I’m going to get the standard assets. I’m also this time going to get the example project as, uh, I believe it’s a 3D game that they’ve just created, and they do some really cool particle effects so that could be handy to have a little bit of a nosey and to see if we can pick up any, any tips really. I obviously need Android and IOS and Viewphoria um, I’m not really bothered about any of the rest in my own current situation but feel free to tick whatever you want. Um, it’s going to use at the minute, it’s going to use, um, 17 gig based on what I’ve ticked, so that’s, that’s big enough for me. Okay then, off we go through. And agree to all the terms and conditions, pop my password in and uh, there we go. Okay, it’s installing. I’ll uh, I’ll see you in the next video guys.