Common reported problems by users – how to diagnose?

I posted this on the Articulate forums, wondering if anyone here has any thoughts…

Over the past few years we've had a number of users email into our help inbox and state that our courses sometimes would get "stuck" – meaning the next button wouldn't show up, or the video in a slide wouldn't work properly, audio was sped way up, etc. Standard protocol is to ensure the user is using the latest version of Chrome preferably, and having Flash enabled.

Recently I went back and re uploaded all of our courses, after publishing them in HTML5. I figured that would fix the Flash problem, and it was just a matter of making sure users weren't using out of date browsers.

Since then though, the number of cases where we have problems hasn't really gone down. For issues like the ones stated in italics above, is there something else we should be checking with our users on? Or is it something I should be checking on my end when publishing? I know this is a little vague, but its hard to replicate these problems / do full inspections on PC's that aren't ours.


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