Chubb announces new e-learning modules – ITIJ

Insurance company Chubb has revealed that it has developed an extended range of new e-learning modules which will soon be available on its Chubb Travel Smart platform – an app that helps business travellers manage and mitigate risks while travelling for work.

The app provides business travellers with pre-travel e-learning modules, direct access to medical and security assistance and live location-based alerts to help avoid trouble. It also provides risk managers and human resources teams with an online dashboard for an instant and complete summary of travelling employees, including their location and whether they are in any high-risk areas, as well as allowing them to send email and SMS messages direct to any employees who are away on business.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the new e-learning functionality within Chubb Travel Smart, which means employers can better demonstrate their commitment to meeting duty of care obligations,” said Glen Browne, Deputy Regional President, Regional Head of Accident & Health for Asia Pacific and Division President for Southeast Asia of Chubb. “Even more importantly, travelling employees benefit from knowing more about the risks related to business trips they are undertaking and how to reduce them as they prepare their itineraries.”  

The new e-learning modules, which have been developed in collaboration with Global Warning Systems, allow users to access all functions via the app platform, and records are kept of employees that have completed specific courses, which allows employers and risk managers to monitor usage and ensure employees are adequately prepared for their trip.

Andreas Rodman, CEO of GWS, said: “With this new e-learning solution, we are raising the bar on user friendliness for travel security solutions. By integrating the e-learning solution into the app, along with automated reporting tools and gamification, we will create a new level of interaction that drives greater security awareness for employees away from home on business.”


APT CBT Translations | Source: Chubb announces new e-learning modules – ITIJ