Bluebeam: Tips and Tricks

– [Jim] Hi, Jim Rogers here, and in another episode of Bluebeam Tips and Tricks I showed you how to apply a stamp markup to an individual plan sheet, and this week what I want to do is talk about how to do the same thing, but how to apply that same stamp to every page in our set of drawings, because really, if I’m going to do something like select Tools and Stamp, and apply a stamp that says this set of drawings is preliminary, I would really like to apply it to more than just this first page.

I really want it applied to every page in this set of drawings, and I don’t want to have to do it, in this case, 23 times, because there’s 23 pages. So, if you have Bluebeam Revu Extreme, again, this is one of those features that’s not available in Standard because it’s a Batch feature, but if you have Bluebeam Revu Extreme, you can simply go up here and select Batch, navigate down to Apply Stamp… Select Apply Stamp, make sure that the set of drawings that you want to apply this stamp to is here in the list.

If you want to apply it to multiple sets of drawings, you can click Add and add more files, and add this stamp to multiple sets of drawings, or multiple files, all at once. Here is where you’re going to tell it which stamp you want to apply. We’re going to apply the preliminary stamp. It looks like this, and here is where it’s going to ask us where on the drawings do you want to apply this stamp. So, you can select an X, Y position in inches, or you can come over here and select an anchor location.

For our purposes, I’m going to select the bottom right corner and just say I want this stamp applied in the bottom right corner on every sheet. From there I’m going to click on OK, and it is now applying the stamp, as you can see down here in the corner, to every sheet in our set of drawings. So, it’s applied the stamp 23 times in just a couple of clicks using that tool that you can find under Batch and Apply Stamp… Quick and easy way to be efficient and productive when you’re making your way through your Bluebeam sessions, especially if you have really large sets of construction drawings, and say this would’ve been a couple hundred pages.

In a few seconds I can apply a stamp to every page in the set. Take a look at how you might use this feature in your Bluebeam sessions to be more productive, and make sure you tune in again. I’ll be back next week with more Bluebeam Tips and Tricks.

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