Articulate 360: Need Advice

Hello! I have been evaluating different authoring tools out there and had a few questions. I have been using a really great tool called SmartBuilder that I absolutely love, but it does not offer collaboration. I've been pointed in the direction of Articulate quite a bit but have found that I'm pretty much in the same situation. Storyline does what I need it to do but does not seem to have any collaboration capability. Is that true? We were looking at Rise as well and found that it's extremely limited as far as what can be done with it. Text and images, look great, but we need things to animate and sync with voiceovers. I've added Storyline content to Rise and found that it doesn't look great (perhaps it's my trial version thats making it look bad). All of our content starts as Google Slides and it's up to me to transform it into elearning. We'd like to expand the team so having some collaborative software would help. Thanks in advance!

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