Aligning and Resizing Elements

When working with a range of elements, you often want to align them evenly. This is useful when you want to create, for example, a user interface or a structured page. Saola Animate offers a variety of functions to align elements automatically and precisely. 

Suppose that you’ve created a horizontal bar graph like the picture below. This graph includes 5 activities and 5 time bars (green bars). However, after quickly drawing things, bars may look messy and have inconsistent appearance. Now it’s time to align and resize them to achieve a perfect graph with Saola Animate.

Aligning Elements Using Alignment Tools

Saola Animate provides various tools to align and distribute selected elements with an anchor. The anchor can be the parent of selected elements, one of selected elements, or bounding rectangle of all selected elements.


APT Informal Learning Translations | Source: Aligning and Resizing Elements