Administrative Professional Weekly Tips

– Have you ever thought about creating an additional income stream with the highly desirably knowhow that you possess? If you have, you can begin to make this a reality sooner than you think. As administrative support professionals, we have a host of skills that are in high demand in the marketplace. Our organization, time management, event planning, and customer service skills are just a few that can be transferred to your own side business if you so desire.

For the past 10 years, I have worked full-time as an administrative support professional, and simultaneously as the owner of my own life coaching, training, and speaking business. It’s a passion of mine that I have cultivated for the last several years, and the culmination of these efforts has even resulted in me teaching this course. There are times when it can get a bit hectic with working full-time, but has been worth the sacrifice, as I am afforded the opportunity to be my own boss.

In addition, I have learned things as a business owner that I can transfer to my full-time job. I now bring more of an entrepreneurial spirit to my workplace. I go to work as if the company I am working for is my own business. I use that philosophy when making spending decisions, providing input on hiring, and in the commitment level I bring each day. Owning my own business has transformed me as an employee. Here are some ways to easily transfer your administrative skills to your own side business.

Work as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a self-employed administrative support professional who works for various clients. They tailor their services to the needs of the person that hires them. They may provide calendar and travel management, email response, presentation creation, phone support, or social media management. Virtual assistants are hired by entrepreneurs, life coaches, small business owners, or anyone who needs secretarial support.

However, they may not have the means to bring on full-time help, or the work may not require an employee. The virtual assistant can set their own hours and work when their schedule allows. Also, event planning. Since administrative support professionals are usually expert organizers and planners, this is a natural fit. We often structure small and large scale events on a daily basis. You can provide this type of service for busy professionals, small businesses, or even the overworked parent who just doesn’t have the time to plan a birthday party for their little one.

Again, you can create your own hours, and easily work this business in the evenings and on weekends. Outside of capitalizing on your own administrative skills, nearly anything you are passionate about and have a talent for can be turned into an additional income generator. If you play an instrument, tutor students, make crafts, or bake, you can start your own small business immediately. All of the skills you use on a full-time basis can be great assets in your journey to entrepreneurship.

If you have the desire to be your own business owner, it is something that doesn’t have to be just a dream. It is easier than ever, with the advent of social media, and the ability to create a website, to take your talent and create the type of business you envision right away.