5 Mobile LMS Features Will Help You Manage Your Training Programs

5 Mobile LMS Features Will Help You Manage Your Training Programs

A mobile Learning Management System (LMS) is a great tool to bring on board to offer your students more flexibility in their learning journey, but it’s also a great asset for your team as well.

Here are 5 of things you need to look for in your new mobile LMS in order to make managing your training programs as easy as possible.

1. Integrates With Your Training Management Platform

One feature which you need to look for in your mobile Learning Management System is the ability to integrate with your training management platform, as this will make managing your training much easier for your Training Administration team.

First of all, this will mean that you can manage all your courses from one central location, no matter what the delivery method is. This will be much easier than having separate systems for all the different types of training you offer. This also means you will easily be able to maintain a central training calendar, so you see at a glance all the different training you have running at one time.

It also means that if you have students signed up to different types of classes with you, you can easily store all this information in the same place, rather than having different student records scattered about all over the place.

Finally, having everything saved in one place can really save you and your team a lot of time. You might not think anything about having to log in to multiple systems to find all the info you need, but the truth is that time really starts to add up and could be cutting into your productivity. Plus, it’s a concentration breaker as well, and the last thing you want to do is put barriers in the way your team does their best work.

2. Excellent Reporting

It’s important to have great reporting set up in every area of your business, so it’s vital that your new mobile LMS has a robust reporting system in place. You want to be able to report on your eLearning offering and how your students are performing with ease, and that’s why a detailed reporting system is a key requirement.

This can be especially important with eLearning as you will have limited direct contact with the students, unlike classroom-based sessions where instructors will see their students regularly.

Therefore, good reporting can let you see how students are getting on at any point of their learning journey, including the ability to see their assessment results, as well as other things like how long they are spending on each module or whether there are any sticking points in the course content.

3. Upload Courses With Ease

Scheduling and setting up your courses is one of those things that you may not think that it takes up a lot of your time, but if you have to do the same tasks over and over again, it can get very repetitive and time-consuming very quickly.

Finding a mobile Learning Management System that comes with a course-template feature will make this whole process a lot faster and easier to manage. This means you can set up templates for all your different courses, which will contain all the basic information for each course. Then, when you need to set up a new instance of that course, you will already have the majority of the information in place, and you’ll only need to enter things like the date, time, updated price, etc.

4. Learning Paths

Learning paths is another feature that is a great addition to your new mobile Learning Management System, as it makes it really easy to create custom learning plans for your students. Whether you offer groups of training that go well together or a course which is split up into different eLearning topics that need to be completed in a certain order, learning paths are a great way to plan all the training out and have it easily manageable for your students and your team.

5. Automated Communications

Our final timewaster is student communications. Obviously, you need to send out lots of emails to your students so they can stay updated on their courses, get assessment details, and get news about your company or related training. However, sending all of these emails individually and at the right time can take up a lot of time, and be harder to manage the more your business scales.

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