10 New Grants for School Bus Fleets

The stories of how school districts can cut transportation costs continue to grow. With examples such as New Jersey reducing transportation costs by $200 million to Boston Public Schools cutting costs to save $5 million, it seems there is an excess from school district transportation departments that can be cut. But, being in the transportation department, you may have a different view.

This is where grants can come in and help. We know the number of ed tech grants are vast (Kajeet even put together a list of 123 grants!) it’s not as easy for transportation departments to find money.

We found 10 new grants for your school district to look into and apply for from field trips, to creating a STEM bus, to clean energy bus grants.

Read on and find a grant for your school district!


APT Informal Learning Translations | Source: 10 New Grants for School Bus Fleets