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We at APT provide translation and localization services to a number of eLearning providers as well as end clients in the Engineering, Energy, Retail, & Consumer Products, Financial & Insurance, and Life Sciences industries. With eLearning localization & translation, we manage all phases and aspects of the localization workflow. Furthermore, we offer audio work including subtitling & voiceovers using specialist voiceover artists with our partner studio. Read our Global Training case study for a great example of this in practice.

In the past 10 years, electronic technology has altered how organizations offer training as well as development, either straight to their staff, or to clients. This implies a host of training that might once have been carried out face-to-face can now be delivered to a greater, international audience faster and cost effectively. However, ensuring that all staff members are usually studying identical things – regardless of where in the world they may be based – involves excellent translation.

A growing number of multi-national global businesses are designing digital training materials which can be used easily and quickly by personnel as well as clients around the globe. To achieve that requires a superior degree of localisation in training course materials to make sure that your staff members, or clients, accomplish the same challenging requirements, no matter place or language.

In addition, identifying social, political as well as cultural intricacies might make a big difference between a good learning experience and a normal one. That’s the reason why our translators all possess degree-level translation qualifications and are also professionals in translating learning and development materials.

We work with both e-learning suppliers and clients to generate everything from expert multimedia courseware to classical training materials. In addition to translating and localising written content for particular markets, we make sure that all the essential components, such as health and safety, of any training material will be retained throughout every single language.

We also have many years of practical knowledge in dealing with previously translated legacy resources and are skilled at evaluating and combining existing, authorized foreign language documents with completely new content. We also use TMX-compliant Translation Memory (TM) technology which retrieves replicated sections of text and terminology. Therefore we do not have to retranslate standard language, economizing time, money and other resources.

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