Training and e-Learning Case Study

Operating in over 45 countries in 35 different languages for more than 5,000 clients, an international training organization was faced with the task of developing an excellent training system in 16 languages.

The localisation model needed to offer a strong and verified workflow to the company’s expected standard. The training model aimed at the standard instructor-led training course, but additionally incorporated different online modules offering continuous evaluation and pre-training material.

APT won the contract to supply all the localisation specifications for the project, including translation work, terminology management and voice-over productions. The project was split into two stages which needed:

Phase I – the provision of localisation services for a 16-language training and learning project, including cultural checks and terminology management

Phase II – the delivery of effective voice-over material for all 16 languages

A three-stage localisation process was agreed with the client

A complete end-to-end workflow was established by our project team before kick-off, which included numerous live online meetings with all members of the translation team

All our translation work is carried out by mother-tongue translators with the appropriate specialist backgrounds, all living in the target countries and experienced in translation of this type of subject matter

Secondary editing and proofreading was provided by independent specialist linguists working in their mother tongue

All completed work was checked by the customer’s in-country review teams, using an efficient online workflow system. This meant we could make changes quickly and accurately to both the translated content and within Translation Memory

Approved translated scripts were received within the original planned deadlines, allowing our project team to successfully schedule all the voiceover work, ensuring terminology was presented accurately to each local market following pronunciation guidelines.

Simultaneous rollout of material for each market, ensuring a common strategy across all areas of the organisation.

Successful implementation was achieved thanks to the APT team members’ understanding of the company’s model, products and objectives.

As a result the client was in a position to improve its global market position.

We continue to provide translation work for new editions of this project.