Desktop Publishing - Document Formatting

Over the years, we’ve used almost every type of document formatting programme you can imagine – from Quark to Adobe Frame Maker to Corel Draw.

These days, the majority of our clients use Adobe’s InDesign and our DTP team are all experts in the package. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, though, and if you are using a different system it’s very likely that we’ll also know how to use it.

More importantly, we know how much work goes into creating your original copy – the time it takes to write it and lay it out in a visually engaging way. That’s why when you hand over your design files we will treat them with as much care as you have. Our team is made up of a mix of MAC and PC users, which means you can hand over your precious files without any fear of document corruption.

Meanwhile, our page proofing team will conduct all the necessary quality assurance checks to make sure your file is returned quickly and accurately in the languages that you require.


Translation Services for the Engineering and Construction Industry

Engineering and Construction Translations

APT has worked with the engineering and construction industry for more than 30 years. For one of our largest clients we have translated more than 10 million words into 40 language combinations