Seeing and learning about the state of new technologies is always a rewarding experience, both from a personal and professional perspective. As mentioned in our last blog, we were looking forward to the upcoming WindEnergy Hamburg – Renewable Energy show (, and are happy to report that the event proved to be as educational and entertaining as expected.

As promised, Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, and alternative energy sources were well represented by over 300 exhibitors from a variety of countries, drawing a crowd of about 35 thousand who also travelled from several continents to see the latest innovations.

This gave us the opportunity to speak with clients for whom we provide technical translations on various energy projects. These range from biomass and bioenergy to wind farms, and to experts in clean energy and green energy – many presented the latest advances and innovations, in both onshore and offshore such as cogeneration, hydroelectricity, solar roof tiles and solar powered generators. Listening to them, we came away astounded at how rapidly the industries are adapting to technological improvements and this is a great indication for the rapid improvement of global air cleanliness.

These advances in clean energy, geothermal energy and other green energy sources are driving governments to mandate that industry look to implement these technologies to help improve the environment. They are also well aware of the financial benefits that these changes provide, for example the French government is looking to step up its renewable energy output, and as such, their onshore and offshore markets are now increasingly opening up.

Germany is another example of this drive, where, differing greatly from the UK and France, their Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency), the regulatory office for electricity, gas, telecommunications, post and railway markets, have set a target energy mix of 50 percent of grid supply to come from renewables by 2040. Notable among the group is Taiwan, who is proving to be a huge market for the offshore wind energy market.

As expected, the need for accurate and highly technical translations was a topic often mentioned at the show. We were able to mention in our conversations how APT has expertly provided this service for over 40 years, working in the Renewable Energy Sector, Engineering and other sectors. This work is backed up by our quality processes which enables us to provide accurate technical, contractual and marketing translations.

The show helped our team stay at the forefront of the latest trends, techniques and technologies, and all this helps strengthen our ability to provide our clients with the linguistic expertise, whatever the project, and we are standing by to help you when the need arises. Contact us at for more information or project quotation.