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Adapting to Today’s Digital Learner

Change is the only constant in life, to paraphrase Heraclitus, and this is especially true regarding eLearning, as this is an increasingly crucial and growing component of the blended learning mix of how employees are trained. ELearning itself is continuing to evolve, with today’s digital audiences…

WindEnergy Hamburg- Renewable Energy Translation Services

WindEnergy Hamburg - Renewable Energy

Seeing and learning about the state of new technologies is always a rewarding experience, both from a personal and professional perspective. As mentioned in our last blog, we were looking forward to the upcoming WindEnergy Hamburg - Renewable Energy show (https://www.windenergyhamburg.com), and…

APT Translations - Renewable Energy Translations

WindEnergy Hamburg- Renewable Energy Translations

Wind has been powering human enterprise since the first person hoisted a sail, and from 25 to 28 September, Hamburg will host the WindEnergy expo, the leading international trade fair for wind industry. The fair highlights all the ways that human ingenuity has harnessed this natural source of…